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«Biola» off to conquer Holland


«Biola» delivered the first batch of products in the Netherlands.


The largest Ukrainian manufacturer has been exporting its juices, nectars and drinks for many years. Its products can be found in Israel, Libya, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Tajikistan and other countries. However it hasn`t been a long time since the company started discovering the European market. For a year, «Biola» has been cooperating with Latvia, there are plans to further market expansion to the European Union.

The main competitive advantage of the product «Biola» is that the quality originally corresponded to established EU standards. Therefore, the company doesn`t have to change something in the recepie in order to enter the markets outside Ukraine. For example, quality control and naturalness (identity authentication) juice raw material input to the production of «Biola» is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Association of the industry of juices and nectars of the European Union. These requirements are mandatory for the EU Member States and they are more rigid compared to the Ukrainian legislation.

Another important advantage of the company is the modern equipment, allowing producing products that match European quality. «Biola» company got to be the first who installed expensive German lines of cold aseptic filling, which made it possible to completely abandon the use of preservatives in the juices and nectars. Today «Biola`s» production line is the largest in Eastern Europe, production, having a cold aseptic filling technology.