An apple and a grape are always a successful union that adults and children love. Cold aseptic filling helps to preserve the freshness and beneficial properties of nectars without the use of preservatives. A perfect addition to a traditional dinner or a festive table.


Nectar Exotic TM Biola is a fruit…. Bright and juicy ... There are so many of them in this unique bouquet: a sunny tangerine and a ripe apple give it a refreshing sound, a delicate pink guava fills the heart of the taste, and an exotic passionfruit gives a unique aroma. Just open the cap, take a big sip and taste the exotic!


“Yabloko” from TM Leto is a rich taste, pleasant aroma and a natural boost of energy for an active life. Summertime happiness! In the summer it will quench your thirst, and in the winter it will give you energy and vivacity.

Mineral water

Mineral water “Calypso” non-carbonated

Mineral water “Calypso” is extracted in an underground mine near Kiev. Here, at a depth of 320 meters is the source of the purest mineral water. This water has absorbed the purity and good of nature , and incredible depth has kept its unique composition, purity and taste to this day. “Calypso” has a special place among mineral waters, as one of the best content content of magnesium and calcium. By this indicator “Calypso” is almost three times richer other Ukrainian mineral waters-leaders. This composition makes the “Calypso” unique water that takes care of the beauty and health.

Mineral water “Znamenyvska”, lightly carbonated

Mineral water "Znamenovskaya" extracted from natural sources, located in an ecologically clean area. Buyers appreciated its clean and delicate flavor.

Mineral Water “Two Oceans”, non-carbonated

Crystal clear drinking water "Two Oceans" is ideal for everyday use. "Two Oceans" has an optimum level of salinity for table water – 0.5 g/l. It completely fills the needs of the human body in minerals and trace elements and also prevents leaching of mineral trace elements, prevents health problems. Water "Two Oceans" is irreplaceable in preparation of food and beverages. Tea and coffee are fully disclose their flavor, and dishes give us a real natural taste. Due to technology of soft posttreatment, based on natural methods of water filtration, you can save all its useful properties and get rid of unwanted natural impurities that can not be removed by conventional filters.


Raspberry – cream soda

Biola "Raspberry - cream soda" is a very bright color and a very delicate drink. Sweet vanilla cream soda and sweet and sour raspberries are very successfully combined and played with a completely new taste.


Cool drink was made by Georgian pharmacist at the end of the XIX century. Unusual taste and color of the drink was achieved due to infusion of tarragon. The drink has a refreshing and tonic effect.

Icy Cola

Remember a simple recipe: 2 ice cubes + Icy Cola from TM "Biola"! And you are ready to meet the sunrises, walk in nature, swim, sunbathe, ski, dance, learn, develop, enjoy every day. Here is the ideal formula of modern life - Icy Cola from TM Biola.


The amazing taste and aroma of creamy ice cream, delicately combined with sweet white strawberries, it’s amazing. Perfect for any season.

Wild berry

Wild berry drink + cherry flavor? You will immediately understand that this is not an ordinary drink, it is something much more. The aroma, atmosphere, mood, sounds and energy of the forest are embodied in a novelty from TM "Breeze".

Ice tea

Cannabis – Plum

The new ICE TEA Cannabis Plum contains a completely legal and safe cannabis extract, which adds an unrivaled taste. We have added the aroma of fresh plum to the tea to make you feel the classic taste of summer. ICE TEA Cannabis Plum is made on the basis of real tea extract, contains natural antioxidants.


EnerGo Cool Effect

"Cool effect" - the maximum charge of freshness even on the hottest day! "EnerGo Cool effect" contains guarana extract, caffeine and has a light taste with an unforgettable refreshing effect!