TM Biola drink “Raspberry – cream soda” – New taste of the classics.


Biola "Raspberry - cream soda" is very bright and very delicate in taste. Sweet vanilla cream soda and sweet and sour raspberries are very successfully combined and sparkled with a completely new taste.

TM Breeze drink “Forest berry” – a taste inspired by nature.


Wild berry drink + cherry flavor? You will immediately understand that this is not an ordinary drink, it is something much more. The aroma, atmosphere, mood, sounds and energy of the forest are embodied in a novelty from TM "Breeze".

TM Breeze drink “Strawberry-banana-orange” – the main summer trio 2021!


Indispensable ingredients of this year's summer cocktail: strawberry + banana + orange. Separately - it is a unique taste, but in the mix ... It's worth a try!