TM “Biola” is the brand of a Producer of juices, carbonated soft drinks, and table waters well-known in Ukraine and outside its territory. The history of TM “Biola” dates from 1997 when the bottling of mineral water “Znamenovskaya” was started at plan “Erlan”.

April 1997 – establishment of Plant “Erlan” in urban-type village of Pidgorodnieie of Dnepropetrovsk Oblast.

October – November of 1997 – mounting of two lines for production of mineral water and beverages with sweeteners of a total capacity of 3000 bottles per hour.

1999 – putting into operation of a filling line of Melegari Manghi S.r.l. to produce beverages with natural sugar. Complete renovation of manufacturing unit.

2001 – production start of KHS Line with a designed capacity of 10 000 bottles per hour.

December 2003 – January 2004 – acquisition of the new production site in Dnepro, establishment of KHS juice and beverage plant designed for four lines.

May 2004 – start-up of production of preservative-free natural juices and nectars in PET bottles. The first and so far the only line in Ukraine with a capacity of 18 000 bottles per hour with a cold aseptic filling technology.

June 2004 – start-up of a unique beverage filling line with a production capacity of 30 000 bottles per hour (double growth in beverage output).

October 2004 – installation of equipment of Complete KHS Line with a homogenizer for production of fruit and vegetable juices; launch of own Carbon-Dioxide Plant.

2005 – acquisition of production site in Kiev.
Start-up of the new juice and nectar production line with the use of a unique aseptic cold filling technology (ACF) developed by KHS GmbH; the production capacity of the line is 32 000 bottles per hour.
Plant “Erlan” won First Place in the industry rating “Top -100. The Most Fast-Growing Companies of Ukraine”.

2007 – start-up of heat-shrink film production plant. The production capacity is 270 tons per month. The Equipment Manufacturer is Reifenhauser Group.

2008 – start-up of production site in Kiev for the additional beverage filling line with a capacity of 40 000 bottles per hour.

March 2009 – the third cold aseptic filling line with a capacity of 40 000 bottles per hour was put into operation. This is the most powerful line among all currently operating ACF lines in Ukraine. Thus, the Company has increased its production capacities by 32.5 percent.

2010 – start-up of production of non-alcohol energy drinks.

2011 – the enterprise was certified according to Food Safety Management Systems (ISO 22000).

2012 – start-up of Automated Quality Control System “Isotrop”.

May 2014 – Environmental Management System.
PJSC “Erlan” was successfully audited for compliance with the requirements of ISO 14001: 2004 International Standard.
Start-up of line for water filling in 6 liter bottles with a capacity of 1 000 bottles per hour in Kiev production site.

June 2015 – redesign of mineral water “Znamenovskaya” and relaunch of juice-containing drinks “Biola” made on the basis of mineral water.