We produce juices, water and beverages, which we like and drink ourselves. We do our best to make them of proper raw materials and sell for a fair price. Just for you to quench your thirst and enjoy the taste.

Our mission

We improve the quality of life being a guide:

  • for the Customers – through the best brands and products;
  • for the branch and Ukrainian society – through the Operational Excellence.

Biola principles

that guide our day-to-day life

Strength of the Team

We believe in the team synergy. Trust each other. Appreciate the contribution of every team member. We enjoy the teamwork. Together we achieve better results than each of us would do separately.

Passion to win

We are the pioneers. We are the first to offer our consumers the best and highly demanded products and services. We strive to be a reference for the others, to be a part of the Company everyone would like to follow.

To be proud the result

The essence of our work is in the quality. We manufacture products we are proud of. We are permanently improving the quality of our processes and products in compliance with the needs of our consumers. Our professional competence and enthusiasm are based on the quality.

To give more

We are not limited by ordinary performance of functions and implement innovations in our work. We always offer an additional service to our colleagues and partners. We are permanently seeking the most effective innovative solutions that results in more than expected.

Our History

TM “Biola” is one of the market leaders. Since 1997, it’s ukrainian producer of juices and nectars, carbonated soft drinks, mineral water “Znamenovskaya”, cold tea, and energy drinks. A group of companies “Biola” has two production sites: in Dnipro and Kiev with a total design capacity of more than one billion bottles per year. The Company’s products are sold in Ukraine as well as in the countries of European Community, USA, Israel, Libya, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, and Tadzhikistan.

Our team

The main value of our Company is professionals that truly love what they do. We believe in team synergy, trust each other, and appreciate the contribution of every team member. We enjoy cooperation, and together we achieve better results.