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Services bottling

Are you the owner of the trade network and want to create their own brand (private label) or drink bottled water?

You are a major distributor and want to produce your own product? Plan to develop contract manufacturing drinks at the facilities of partners? Then this offer is for you.

The group of companies «Biola» — one of the leaders of the industry, a company with many years of impeccable reputation, the largest Ukrainian producers of soft drinks — has a modern unique equipment for the bottling of juices, soft drinks, iced tea, bottled water.

We offer the following services:

Development an original compounding of drinks on your wishes. Implementation of your designs to production.
Bottling soft drinks under your brand on our production facilities, located in Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk.
The qualified support of projects and total quality control with involvement of the certified laboratory at all stages: from delivery of raw materials to shipment of production from a warehouse.

Our advantages:

The innovative high-performance equipment from world leaders of the industry.
Highly qualified staff.
Positive experience collaboration since 1997.
The high quality of production confirmed with success of own brands: «Biola», «Znamenovskaya», etc.

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